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Wellington of Flower Mound - - 2018 Heart & Sole Pedometer Challenge
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2018 Heart & Sole Pedometer Challenge

Fall is here, and the weather is starting to cool down a bit, so it’s time to sign up for Wellington’s 2018 Heart& Sole Pedometer Challenge!   This Challenge is open to all Wellington residents.  We are also having a Kids’ Pedometer Challenge which is open to all Wellington kids ages 5 to 14.  For this Challenge all participants wear a pedometer and keep track of how many steps they take in a day.  The program will last for six weeks.  Participants can start logging their steps on Monday, October 1. The LAST day to start the challenge is Monday, October 8.  Since the program lasts for six weeks, participants must finish by no later than Sunday, Nov. 18.  Scorecards must be received by no later than Tuesday, Nov. 20, in order to earn a prize and to be eligible for the Grand Prize drawing.

To start, either use a smart device such as a Fitbit or just get yourself a pedometer and come by the fitness room to sign up and get your scorecard.  The fitness office does not have pedometers, but if you need one, they are readily available from area stores such as Target, Wal-Mart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Academy, and REI.  You can also order them online from websites like Amazon.  You can get a basic pedometer and record your steps on the scorecard, or if you like you can get a “smart” pedometer that downloads to your computer to record your steps automatically!  Actually, most of these devices are much more than a pedometer; they are in a category called an “activity tracker,” and they can track all your activity, even including your sleep patterns.  Most of these also have the ability to connect to your smartphone and computer, so it makes it very simple to download and keep track of your steps. There are a number of companies making devices to pick from, such as Garmin, Fitbit, NikePlus, Misfit Shine, Striiv, Jawbone, Polar, Timex, Fitbug, Suunto, Mio, and Withings.  And if you have one of these devices, there’s usually an online community you can connect with. 

But if you just have a “basic” pedometer, that’s fine too.  The points are the same either way, it’s just whatever motivates you more.  Wellington has been doing this challenge every year since 2009.  If you are interested, you can see the data from all these challenges at:  Results from years 2009 through 2017

To register for the challenge stop by the fitness room, sign up and pick up a copy of the scorecard, then start walking!  Or if you like you can just email the Fitness Office to let us know you are participating, download a scorecard by clicking the link below, and get started.  If you have a smart pedometer just email the Fitness Office that you are participating and follow the instructions on your device to record your steps.  All finishers will receive a prize, plus we will have a Grand Prize for a finisher picked at random from all adult finishers.  We also have prizes for all kids who finish.  So stop by and sign up today!

 Adult scorecard with rules
 Child scorecard with rules
 Walk this Way
 Results 2009 to 2017
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