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Wellington Athletic Club
Group Exercise Classes

Get in shape for FREE with our group exercise classes! Please click on the link below for the full schedule. Class schedule may change depending on instructor availability and holiday/school schedules. Wellington’s classes are open to all Wellington residents. For all our regular classes no reservations are necessary, just show up. (Prior enrollment is necessary for boot camp classes only.) Classes are held at the WAC in the Multipurpose Room.  For all classes except Chair Yoga and Zumba, bring a yoga mat plus whatever equipment is necessary. Classes include:

Yoga for Beginners & Stiff Guys:  Join us for a new class on Tuesdays from 6-7 pm.  This new yoga class is designed especially for beginners and people who consider themselves to be less flexible.  The class meets every Tuesday evening.  The class will focus on breathing, posture, alignment, flexibility and balance.  Participants will learn gentle modifications to common yoga poses and will be given various options to allow them to gradually become more flexible and proficient.  Props will be used to help class members modify poses to cultivate stability and ease in the pose.  Open to all Wellington residents; no registration is necessary, just bring your yoga mat and towel.

Interval Walk:  8:45-9:45 am.  Join us for a great time outside, walking (or possibly running, you can choose), and visiting with friends!  We meet at Post Oak Park, located at the corner of Flower Mound Rd. and Skillern Blvd. (parking lot entrance across the street from Darcey Ct.), then head out to walk the trails (the route is a quarter of a mile; you walk as many laps as you want during the class.  You walk at your own pace so the number of laps depends on your pace).  We will take interval breaks with a variety of resistance exercises based on body weight.  All fitness levels are welcome, and regardless of whether you are a walker, a runner, or a couch potato, you are going to LOVE this class! 

Chair Yoga:  This class is designed to allow almost anyone to participate in a very gentle form of yoga.  Chair Yoga will increase flexibility, strength, balance, and circulation, plus it encourages quiet reflection, proper breathing, and better posture.  All poses are done either standing up or sitting in a chair.  Class meets on Mondays from 10-10:45 am.  This class is FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

HIIT It:  Monday and Thursday mornings 8:45-9:20 am is Aqua HIIT through August 13; on August 16 the class changes back to a regular indoor HIIT class.  Regular HIIT class also on Tuesday evening 7:15-7:45 pm.  High-intensity interval training is here!  Short bursts of high-intensity exercise with brief periods of rest in between.  Interval training helps you to more effectively burn calories and increase your fitness level in less time. All you need to bring is a mat and yourself! New for this summer: HIIT Aqua!  All the benefits of HIIT training in a fluid environment!  Wear a swimsuit (and aqua shoes if you have them!) and bring a towel.  You'll burn lots of calories while having lots of fun!

Core Training: Exercises that will train your core, increase strength and flexibility. Classes are held Saturdays from 8:30-9:30 am.  Bring a mat and a set of hand weights.

Yoga: A series of flowing moves designed to help participants increase strength, balance, and flexibility, as well as learn to relax and de-stress. Children who can sit quietly and follow instruction are welcome! (Note: this is NOT a prenatal yoga class and is not intended for pregnant women. Many yoga poses are contraindicated during pregnancy.) Yoga classes are held Sunday afternoons 3:45-4:45 pm, Tuesday mornings 8:45-9:45 am, and Friday mornings 8:45-9:45 am. Mat required.

Zumba: Ditch the workout, join the party! The Zumba workout program, which combines Latin dance moves with resistance training, provides an intense workout no matter your fitness level (and no, you don't have to be a seasoned salsa dancer to pick up the steps). It also burns anywhere from 400 to 500 calories per session—or more, depending on how intensely you move. Thanks to the upbeat music and "party" exercise atmosphere, Zumba also is one of the hottest (and most fun) cardio workouts out there right now. Well-behaved children who can follow the teacher are welcome (when accompanied by a supervising adult). Meets Thursday evenings 6-7 pm.  No equipment is required.

 Feb. 2019 Group Ex Schedule
 Jan. 2019 Group Ex Schedule
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