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Wellington of Flower Mound - - ACC Bulletin #12 - Solar Panels: Photo Voltaic and Thermal Collectors
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ACC Bulletin #12 - Solar Panels: Photo Voltaic and Thermal Collectors




Bulletin #12 - Solar Panels: Photo Voltaic (PV) and Thermal Collectors (TC)

April 2, 2010, Revised August 19, 2011


Pursuant to Article 10.02 of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Wellington of Flower Mound Residential Association, Inc. (the “Declaration”), The Architectural Control Committee (the “Committee) may, from time to time, publish and promulgate Architectural Standards Bulletins covering all or a portion of the property made subject to this document. These bulletins may contain standards, requirements or limitations in addition to those expressly set forth or referred to in the Declaration.

This bulletin is applicable to all Wellington lots.

A request may be submitted to the Architectural Control Committee for review on a case by case basis for the placement of solar panels: PV and TC.

DEFINITION: PVs or TCs installed on roofing and used to generate electricity or heat liquids in or outside of the residence.


Installation, subject to ACC review and approval, to include:

·        Panels restricted to the side and back roof of the house or to be located in a fenced yard, but can not extend above the fence.

·        Panels mounted on the roof to be installed parallel (level) with the roof and installed no more than 6 inches above the existing roof.

·        Panels mounted on the roof must fit within the roof line (cannot overhang).

·        Installation must be permitted by the town and meet all applicable requirements including hail and wind rating for the area.

·        Equipment must be kept maintained and all repairs to be performed within 30 days of damage.

·       All frames, support brackets, visible piping and wiring may only be silver, bronze or black in color.


Applications details to include:

·        Location on roof of home

·        Size and number of panels

·        Color of materials used

·        Feed wires or pipes location, and/or ancillary equipment

·        Attachment method to roof/house

·        Purpose (to track use patterns)

·        Ground level support equipment information

·        Example photo of similarly installed systems

·        Installer certification information 



Solar Panels: Photo Voltaic (PV) and Thermal Collectors (TC)

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