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Year-Round Lawn Maintenance Tips

Published: January 01, 2019

The following is provided as a general guideline. More information may be obtained from the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Center. 


TX A&M Horticulture


Mid-September is the target month to apply pre-emergents for cool season/winter weeds.

Late February – mid March is normally the best time for applications to prevent spring/summer weeds.

For crabgrass or grassburs (sandburs), a second application maybe required in early June.

What about weed-and-feed applications? Late February and early March is prime time for the first application of a pre-emergent herbicide, but it’s too early to fertilize turf  grass.

When deciding on a pre-emergent determine what type of weed(s) you have. Weeds are most often classified as grassy and broadleaf.  

In garden/landscape beds the best weed control is maintaining a 3 – 4” layer of your favorite mulch year-round.

Remember - the goal is to apply the pre-emergent BEFORE weed seeds start to sprout. Also, pre-emergents do not help with perennial weeds that come back from their root systems such as nutsedge, Johnsongrass and dallisgrass. These weeds will need a product specifically formulated for them.

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