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Irrigation System Check - offered by the UTRWD

Published: July 12, 2022

Offers From The Upper Trinity Regional Water District (UTRWD):

With the summer heat, are you having trouble with your sprinkler system overwatering or being inefficient?

The Upper Trinity Regional Water District is offering FREE Irrigation System Check-Ups for the first 100 Wellington HOA homeowners who sign up.  This program is a great opportunity for residents to review their irrigation system, especially as the Town of Flower Mound has initiated Stage 1 of its Water Awareness Emergency Water Demand Management Plan limiting watering to a wo-day-per-week schedule.

How does it work? A licensed irrigator will perform a check-up of the system and identify potential problems, such as a broken or misaligned sprinkler heads and improper controller settings. During the check-up, the irrigator will discuss proper irrigation system maintenance, controller operation and efficient watering habits, as well as provide a written report with suggested repairs and an estimated water savings amount to the homeowner.  To request this free check-up, please fill out the online request form at http://bit.ly/UTRWDCHECKUPand if you are one of the first 100 to respond, a licensed irrigator will contact you to schedule the check-up. 

For more information on saving water outdoors, visit https://utrwd.com/saving-water/save-outdoors.

Also, ‘Water My Yard’ is a free service provided by Texas A&M AgriLife and Upper Trinity Regional Water District.  Save even more water by using the ‘cycle and soak’ method to reduce runoff! Learn more at https://www.utrwd.com/saving-water/save-outdoors/water-my-yard‘Water My Yard’ uses local weather data and the plants’ water needs to provide weekly recommendations to let you know exactly how long to water.  

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